Men Without Women


Here’s what hurts the most,” Kafuku said. “I didn’t truly understand her–or at least some crucial part of her. And it may well end that way now that she’s dead and gone.

It was settled, Ms Misaka is going to drive Mr Kafuku from home to theatre and then back to home from now on. As an actor, widower, Mr Kafuku needs quiet in order to rehearse. “But why did you become an actor,” the young Ms Misaka asked. Acting gives you the ability to become someone else and then to get back to yourself after the end. In Mr Kafaku’s case, it allowed him to drink and talk with the lover of his late wife. In all the other scenarios this would be awfully painful but ofcourse, he was acting. And he had to deliver his best to know the truth. Will he find the truth and what measures will he take for his uncontrollable desire for vengeance? And the most important question of all, will he ever be able to come out of the role?

“But Mr. Kafuku, can any of us ever perfectly understand another person? However much we may love them?

Mr Kitaru and Mr Tanimura works part time in a cafe and that is how Tanimura met Kitaru’s childhood love Ms Erika. A love without tragedy doesn’t make for a great lovestory not when you have what it needs to be a happily ever after yet you are stuck at an almost. This trio wouldn’t give a love triangle but will leave you wishing for their happiness. For no one knows what kind of dreams tomorrow will bring.

The scene seemed somehow divorced from reality, although reality, he knew, could at times be terribly unreal.

“who am I?” “who am I?” was the last question Dr Tokai had asked to himself and his good friend Mr Goto. It was after then that Mr Goto got to know that Dr Tokai is no more, medical reports claim that it was a multiple organ failiure but then, he has been dead a long time. Falling in love can either make or break you. Dr Tokai has proved this theory with his life. Who am I, anyways?

Mr habara had been granted with only one companion to live his life, he didn’t know her name but called her Schereazade like Queen Schereazade in a Thousand and One nights. She was married and only visited twice a week, brought him groceries and told him stories once they have had enough sex. She would spring back to action and be going home to her husband once it’s 5.20pm. “Can you quietly hear me out, I have a lot to talk about of my guilt and sins.” And so it continued, sex and the stories until…

When Mr kino found his wife sleeping with his colleague, he left his job and re-built his aunt’s old place to a bar. And that’s pretty much it as he didn’t have anything left of him. If void was a feeling then it is all he felt, if void was to be a parasite then there is nothing left of the host. Unaware, Mr Kino was in peace until one day he had to run away closing his bar, stakes were high and this was the only chance he had. With the banging from outside his hotel window at the middle of the night, he realised that his end is near.

It’s strange, isn’t it?” the woman said in a pensive voice. “Everything is blowing up around us , but there are still those who care about broken lock, and others who are dutiful enough to try to fix it

Mr Gregor Samsa had undergone a metamorphosis. He would trade anything to be a fish or a flower or anything but not a two legged human until he met the hunched woman who came to him when the world was falling apart. All the beginnings have their endings and all the endings have a beginning or so they say. It was hard to say if this was the beginning or the end. But it made him feel something as he waited the long wait to see her again.

Ps- “We can only pray for men without women”, says the second most lonely man to the most lonely man who had called him in the dead of the night to tell that his past lover has committed suicide. Anything more I tell you would not let you feel what it is to feel watching the unicorn statue with a horn facing the sky all alone.

It was as if he felt that the black symbols flowing from his brush onto the pure white paper could somehow lay bare the workings of his heart.

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