Book Review- Paper Towns by John Green

Book- Paper TownsAuthor- John GreenGenre- RomanceRatings- 3/5 “The town was paper, but the memories were not.” Hi guys! So I’m back with a new book to talk about and share my feeling with you all. This time it’s John green’s paper towns. John green being his usual self has created yet another fictional romance thatContinue reading “Book Review- Paper Towns by John Green”

Suheldev – Amish Tripathi (For all the mythology lovers❤️)

Book- SuheldevAuthor- Amish TripathiGenre- MythologyRatings- 4/5 Hello guys! It’s been a long time since I wrote a review, haven’t been reading anything recently (not because I didn’t get time, no, not that, I have been having more spare time than I ever had yet didn’t feel like it) but that didn’t stop me from buyingContinue reading “Suheldev – Amish Tripathi (For all the mythology lovers❤️)”

The Diary Of A Young Girl [and why Netflix’s new documentary ‘#AnneFrank – parallel stories’ should be on your watch list]

BOOK- THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRLAUTHOR- ANNE FRANKRATINGS- 5/5GENRE- DRAMASETTING- NAZI-OCCUPIED AMSTERDAM The diary of a young girl is one of the most widely read book across the world and for those who haven’t read it yet are bound to have heard about the same. This book is not only a creation of literatureContinue reading “The Diary Of A Young Girl [and why Netflix’s new documentary ‘#AnneFrank – parallel stories’ should be on your watch list]”

MADE MEN series- Reviews [your next favourite mafia world]

SERIES- MADE MEN SERIESAUTHOR- SARAH BRIANNERATINGS- 4.1GENRE- NEW-ADULT FICTION Hello guys! I know this whole pandemic situation looks never ending as it is but this too shall pass and till then it is very important to do something which would keep our minds occupied. So here is my new suggestion to all my lovely readersContinue reading “MADE MEN series- Reviews [your next favourite mafia world]”

Q&A challenge for the readers, by the readers (Giveaway Announcement)

Hello guys! So being a part of reading and writing community on various social media for years, I share quite a strong bond with some of the most amazing readers as well as writers. And few of them have given me this idea of writing an interactive blog in the first place and to participateContinue reading “Q&A challenge for the readers, by the readers (Giveaway Announcement)”

I Was Here – Gayle Forman [Reviews + Views on mental health]

BOOK- I WAS HEREAUTHOR-GAYLE FORMANRATINGS- 3.8 As I continue to grow as a blogger, I realise that this requires more time than I had initially assumed it to need but coming to my aid is my little sister who is an avid reader herself. Though we share the same passion for books, we have quiteContinue reading “I Was Here – Gayle Forman [Reviews + Views on mental health]”

Harry Potter: 10 Best Characters- Ranked

Just as we, the muggles (unfortunately, yes) are stuck due to lockdown. Why not take a jump into our favourite fantasy world and re-live it all over again. Also, do not expect me to add Harry Potter and Hermoine Granger into the list as these two are common for all of us. Also, there isContinue reading “Harry Potter: 10 Best Characters- Ranked”

A Thousand Splendid Suns

BOOK- A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNSAUTHOR- KHALED HOSSEINIRATINGS- 4.5 Before you begin, grab yourself a box of tissue as you would be needing it till the very end. Khaled Hosseini makes sure like he always does to stir all the human emotions at once. With the much needed happy ending for the readers, this book takesContinue reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns”

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