Suheldev – Amish Tripathi (For all the mythology lovers❤️)

Book- Suheldev
Author- Amish Tripathi
Genre- Mythology
Ratings- 4/5

Hello guys! It’s been a long time since I wrote a review, haven’t been reading anything recently (not because I didn’t get time, no, not that, I have been having more spare time than I ever had yet didn’t feel like it) but that didn’t stop me from buying bunch of new books, one of them being Amish Tripathi’s newly launch, SUHELDEV.

For those who know Amish and have read his work would know, he is hands down one of the India’s best mythology writer and is also one of my favourites and so I knew I had to start this right away. Just before buying the book, I went through the reviews and was suprised to know that it’s not one of Amish’s sole work but a collective work of Amish and the writers of writer’s centre with the original idea and the final editing being done by him.

So starting with how I felt about the book, it didn’t feel any different from Amish’s previous works for most of it. The book starts by an attack on the Somnath temple carried by the Turks of Ghazni who were against idol- worshippers and their faith, many warriors died in honour to protect it but that was only the first of many defeats that India faced in the hands of Ghaznis as there were many more later in the book which went on for several years because of the main problem- “India being too divided among itself.” But it was during those times of havoc that a man rose inorder to unite the Indians to fight against them, Suheldev, the bandit prince. He is the one to really understand the enemies war tactics and doesn’t choose mercy as the opponents show none and know which card to play when, he is the one who goes to war only to win, a true patriot by heart, he would go to the end of the world to save his mother India.

The book witnesses so many massacre of civilians being carried by the army general of Ghazni, Salar Maqsud, it also witnesses Indian muslims joining hands with their hindu brothers, choosing India over religion that the opponents claim to follow, moving futher, the book witnesses few Indian rulers bending their knees to the foreigners while there were several citizens who chose to die in honour rather than accepting to surrender to the foreign invaders.

All in all, it was a good read and was worth all my time. The only thing that was missing for me is that unlike the previous works of Amish, the suprise element kept in this book was too obvious and I was able to figure it out long before the author’s revelation and the writing felt a lot more rushed comparatively Anyways, do not hesitate choosing this book, also, if you haven’t read his previous works, I would recommend you to start with his Shiva trilogy (this book is a standalone but Shiva trilogy remains his best work till date).

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