MADE MEN series- Reviews [your next favourite mafia world]


Hello guys! I know this whole pandemic situation looks never ending as it is but this too shall pass and till then it is very important to do something which would keep our minds occupied. So here is my new suggestion to all my lovely readers out there- “MADE MEN series”

Now before coming to the review part that is why-this-series, I would like to tell you in advance, this mafia book is one of it’s typical kind I-take-what-is-mine and that is the end of it with some strong character developments. Apart from that what I feel I need to clarify is that this is an ongoing series and the 7th edition of the series is all set to release on 31st August. Now it depends on how much time you want to invest on a character’s story as the books are a stand-alone but most understood well if read in an order. Lastly, I do not know if it happens just with me or everyone, my ability to finish the whole series speeds up while reading mafia stories and considering the amount of time we have in our hands now, this will be the perfect time to start now.

I was never supposed to fall in love with her, but that was the best mistake of my life. I will always love her; I have ever since I purposely bumped into her in the hallway.

Mafia books are my guilty pleasure just like liking Nero is (1st book of the series and my favourite too), a dominating male protagonist who has looks and body as such that could make any girl go weak on her knees. A high school story of finding love from the direction you weren’t suppose to look in the first place. Ofcourse, it becomes very cliche when a rough and tough mafia man comes to rescue the girl of his dreams for whom he could cross the world if that what it takes to have her. I wouldn’t deny the fact that it has all of it except the fact that the female protagonist, Elle is one of the toughest yet one of the most likable of a character I have ever met in a mafia series.

One important issue that the author has raised in her book is- bullying and has penned it down in very clear words on how it breaks down a person not just physically but mentally too. Elle was the school’s favourite target, what more is that her first instinct was always to take the hits for her bestfriend as well, Chloe who was already scarred enough by the devil itself and Elle would do anything to protect her even if that means taking double the hits and working part time as a waitress down town. Love at first sight it was not for Elle and Nero as it was years of sufferings that Elle had to go through alone at high school, Legacy Prep where Nero ruled as a king. Not until Elle was suspected to have witnessed the murder of a man done by Nero’s family after her work hours, Nero was assigned a job named E L L E. And that is how the hunt began with the intension of inflicting more pain but what Nero was not prepared of was losing his heart to Elle in the process.

The reason I took my time reviewing the first part as from here on it is where you are glued and invested in the further installments. This one book, Nero which has been written from dual perspective remains the core of all the books till date. So you can either choose to go further or stay with Nero, you decide. All of it was worth my time, I hope it will be worth yours too.

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