Q&A challenge for the readers, by the readers (Giveaway Announcement)

Hello guys! So being a part of reading and writing community on various social media for years, I share quite a strong bond with some of the most amazing readers as well as writers. And few of them have given me this idea of writing an interactive blog in the first place and to participate in the massive books giveaway you just need to follow the simple rules to win the giveaway-

  1. Like the post and follow.
  2. Give your answers in the comment section/ dedicate a blog for the answers by mentioning my link https://mybookofhonour.wordpress.com/2020/04/23/qa-challenge-for-the-readers-by-the-readers-giveaway-announcement/
  3. Tag 3 others to participate in the Q&A

The winner will be announced as the winner, results will be out on April 30.

1. A book you wish to see as a movie?

Shiva Trilogy- Amish Tripathi

India is a rich country in terms of folk and mythology, I grew up reading and hearing stories of  Ramayan, mahabharat and shiva. Amish has very wisely used our mythology and changed it here and there a bit by adding few modern issues while keeping the core as it is. Periodic and mythological stories has been a huge hit in India earlier so, if this book is adapted as a movie I can be sure of one thing that it is going to blow off the box office.

2. Your favourite book title?

The One You Cannot Have – Preeti Shenoy

I mean it’s self-explanatory, right? Don’t you guys like it already by learning the title? Trust me, the book had me sobbing like a kid.

3. Which is the book you have re-read the maximum number of times?

Harry Potter Series- J.K Rowling

Wait, was it six times or seven? No kidding! Can’t be really sure about it apart from the fact that I’m still counting. The series is like my ultimate escape when I need sometime away from reality.

4. Favourite book of 2019?

Bound By Hatred

I think I have a weakness for mafia books (fact). When rebellious Gianna runs from her marriage choosing freedom over family – that is one rule you are not to allowed to break. But hot as hell, Matteo likes the chase as he is determined to get her back.

5. A book that makes you cry?

Elude- Rachel Van Dyken

This book is a standalone but best understood if read in series. The story revolves around mafia family which causes and invites too much of trouble and loss. From the very begining of the book we know who is going to die and when, we are being well prepared by the author from the start yet when the time came, we weren’t ready. But yes, this isn’t your regular death-of-the-protagonist book as it will make you believe- death can be beautiful.

6. Your favourite author?

Authors*** you mean?? Tough question. J.K Rowling, for giving me Hogwarts and a world full of magic, Khaled Hosseini, for making me cry for his every damn book! Murakammi, this man is new to the list as his books leave me with a lot to ponder.

7. A book that changed your opinion about something?

And The Mountains Echoed- Khaled Hosseini

This Afghan-American author’s book has given me a new meaning to relation. What we are truly seeking from life is just a companion with whom we can spend the rest of our days, it is almost like sitting quietly with someone at your veranda sipping your tea as the sun goes down- silence is peaceful, comfortable. It’s always about company and companion, love and friendship.

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